CMWebCrystal Musselman, METM, MBA, MOL - President - Crystal has 35 years of industry experience that includes 20 years of managing compliance programs for several entities, as well as bringing a company’s documentation into a state of regulatory compliance. Crystal is a recognized expert with respect to Internal Compliance Program structure and documentation, and brings additional constructive resources to the industry table. Crystal has been involved in many successful pre-audits, mock audits, and assessments throughout North America. In addition to her skills as an auditor, Crystal can manage an entity’s compliance program, ensuring all filing dates are met and all documentation is in order. Crystal was the founder and first Western Interconnection Compliance Forum (WICF) chair and has both helped create and participated in other utility/energy related forums. She is currently a member of the WECC Standards Committee. Crystal participates in Industry awareness and training workshops on a regular basis. Her training includes the Virchow Krause Auditor Training. Crystal has a Masters in Engineering and Technology from Washington State University, Master’s of Business Administration from Webster University, and Master of Organizational Behavior from Gonzaga University.

FEFrancis Esselman - Vice President - Francis has 40 years of industry experience in fossil plant operations and system operations management. Francis managed forward operations engineering at American Transmission Co. and has been involved in most every aspect of transmission operations, operations planning, and transmission interconnection processes. Francis has been an industry leader in the operating and system restoration-blackstart areas, including being Vice Chair of the NERC SDT for blackstart and system restoration, and a member of the NERC Real Time Best Practices study group. Francis was also a certified power system operator, holding the NERC Reliability Coordinator accreditation, and is primarily involved in reliability standards audits process development activities. Francis is involved in multiple MISO Working Committees.

MNMitchell Needham, P.E. - Vice President - Mitch has 40 years of industry experience. He was with the Tennessee Valley Authority for 28 years prior to working for NERC. His expertise includes protective relaying, power system operations, reliability benchmarking, and compliance management. Mitch is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of Tennessee, holding license #15926. During his time with TVA, Mitch was active on several compliance related committees in SERC, including the Protection and Control Subcommittee (chairman for several years) and the Compliance Review Steering Committee (likewise). While with NERC, he received both NERC and FERC training in reliability compliance auditing. Mitch has extensive experience conducting actual and mock audits of both BES and CIP Reliability Standards, and has assisted numerous industry participants in documenting and proving their compliance activities. Mitch leads all PCS audit activities, whether conducted onsite or from a remote location.

RCRyan Carlson, CISSP - Vice President - Ryan has over 27 years experience in the data and voice communications industry in cyber security, IT project management, network systems engineering, and network/server systems administration. Over the last eight years, Ryan has led numerous NERC CIP assessments, mock audits and implementations, and has developed a comprehensive understanding of the NERC CIP Standards and how to properly implement them to meet and sustain compliance. Ryan’s expertise in accurately interpreting and applying the NERC CIP Standards is, in part, a result of the individual training he received from senior members of the original NERC Cyber Security Standards Development team, as well as members of the NERC Cyber Security Standards Education Team. With his diverse background in data communications, networking, cyber security, computer systems, and data networking, Ryan is an expert in the proper interpretation and implementation of the technical aspects of the NERC CIP Standards. Ryan has managed/completed NERC CIP implementations for several entities and has led audit teams for multiple NERC CIP mock audits. Ryan has a B.A. from the University of Minnesota, is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and numerous industry certifications in networking and cyber security. Ryan is a also an active member of the NERC Compliance Enforcement Interpretation Working Group (CEIWG) and attends regional and national CIP-related meetings.

ASAnita Swanson, Paralegal - Director and Assistant Corporate Secretary - Anita has 38 years of experience in the electric power industry and has been at the forefront of NERC Electric Reliability Standards compliance following the issuance of FERC's Order 693. She assisted in-house counsel with legal research, preparation for settlement discussions, request for hearing, and responses to WECC audit findings. Anita manages the compliance programs for a number of PCS clients, participates on PCS Mock Audit teams, assists clients with their on-site and off-site audits, writes and assists in the implementation of Internal Compliance Programs, and provides NERC training to clients and various industry participants. In addition to her work with NERC Reliability Standards, Anita's experience covers a myriad of compliance activities, including SEC reporting, FERC filings associated with Interlocking Directorates and OATT reform, NYSE compliance with Section 303A Corporate Governance Standards, as well as Board Governance and Corporate Compliance matters. She joined The Washington Water Power Company (now Avista Corp.) in 1981 and throughout her career has managed and/or participated in the management of a variety of projects including joint use contracts, joint use facility audits, data acquisition for electric GIS development, electric transmission and distribution mileage tracking for tax reporting, and Washington State's mandated Commute Trip Reduction Program. Anita has been an active member of the Western Interconnection Compliance Forum and WECC's Compliance User Group since 2007. She holds a Certificate of Paralegal Studies - The American Legal System.

Rick TerrillRick Terrill, P.E. - Director of NERC Consultation Services – Rick has over 38 years of industry experience, primarily with Luminant Power and its affiliates. He was Luminant’s Director of Compliance for 17,000 MW of coal, nuclear, gas and combined cycle generation fleet, leading and implementing all aspects of ERCOT and NERC compliance. Rick has extensive experience preparing for and successfully completing compliance audits and is a past member of multiple NERC and Regional Standard Drafting Teams. He is also a past member of the NERC Compliance and Certification Committee and the NERC RAI Advisory Group. Rick has successfully completed NERC auditor training and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the State of Texas. He has a Master of Business Administration from Amber University, Texas and a Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering from the University of Oklahoma.

Carl Bench, CISA, PSP – Senior CIP Consultant – Carl has over 12 years of experience in the electric industry as an IT Systems Operator, CIP Auditor, and Audit Team Lead. He was most recently a CIP Auditor and Audit Team Lead at the Western Electricity Coordinating Council (WECC). As an Auditor at WECC, Carl gained unique experience in compliance program management and audits. His areas of expertise include conducting and leading audits and assessments related to the NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Reliability Standards, NERC & Regional monitoring, NERC CIP V5 implementation/training, and risk-based compliance monitoring and enforcement procedures and implementation. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems and Technology Management. Carl is a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Physical Security Professional (PSP), Certified Business Resilience Manager (CBRM), and Certified Business Resilience Auditor (CBRA).

Brian Van Gheem, P.E. - Senior NERC Consultant – Brian has 22 years of industry experience as a Principal Compliance Engineer, a Distribution Engineer, and a Software Applications Engineer.  He is an accomplished compliance and regulatory manager with extensive expertise in engineering, operations, regulatory support, training/development, compliance management, audits and reporting.  Brian is also a NERC Certified Reliability Operator.  He has experience in conducting mock compliance audits, advising clients on process improvements for strengthening their compliance programs, and monitoring NERC initiatives, including standards development.  Brian has had an active role in both NERC related training and audit team support, as well as a role that focused on the responsibilities applicable to a Balancing Authority (BA) and Reliability Coordinator (RC).  He is a Registered Professional Engineer in both Michigan and Indiana, holding a Master of Business Administration (MBA), a Master of Science in Management (MSM) and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Thomas Peterson, CISM, CCSP, CISSP - Senior Cyber Security Consultant – Thomas has 25 years of technical and operational experience, with a passion for helping companies, communities and families stay safe from emerging information security threats.  His experience includes Supply Chain, Big Data, Blockchain, Security Awareness, and compliance collaboration in Finance, Defense, High-Tech, Utility & manufacturing environments.  Thomas’ background also includes managing enterprise IT Security, manufacturing, automation and real-time.  Thomas’ career positions include Boeing 787 Crew Information Systems Security Engineer, Boeing Smart Grid Cyber Security Engineer, Principal Information Security Architect, and Engineering Services Manager.  He was a contributing author to the NISTIR 7628, Guidelines for Smart Grid Cyber Security, and the IEEE white paper on ‘The High Assurance Smart Grid’. Thomas actively engages colleagues to discuss emerging risks and compliance gaps. He has participated in the NIST and EPRI cyber security workgroups and is a member of Infragard, Critical Infrastructure.

DZDale Zahn - Director - Dale has over 39 years of experience including being a trained NERC auditor, over twenty years in fossil-fueled plant operations, two years in real-time power marketing, and over four years in system operations and compliance. Dale was a NERC certified system operator (RC accreditation). With multiple roles at both NERC and MISO, Dale continues industry committee participation in support of our clients. A long-standing member of the NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection Committee (CIPC), Dale was part of the original Cyber Security Standards Education Team and delivers expertise from an operations and NERC auditor’s standpoint in all aspects of compliance. Dale has been involved in many successful mock audits and assessments throughout North America.

Sandra Pea – Senior Reliability Compliance Manager - Sandra has over 26 years of experience in the electric power industry. She is proficient in a broad range of disciplines including electric and natural gas operations, contract management, training, scheduling, trading, and optimization of customer assets. Her expertise includes reliability compliance management for both NERC Operations and Planning (O&P), and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) regulations. Sandra is a recognized leader in tackling multidisciplinary compliance and enforcement related subjects. She is experienced in the establishment and administration of reliability compliance programs, regulatory reporting, investigations, and the management of audits and enforcement proceedings. She has been a member of the Western Interconnected Compliance Forum (WICF) since 2008.

RCKerrie Miles, MOL – Office Manager - Kerrie has over 15 years of experience as an administrative professional in for-profit and non-profit higher education institutions.  This ranges from executive level administrative coordination and support to project and program management for a variety of CRM software programs.  She has expertise in team development and management to execute large scale events and programming, while maintaining daily organizational demands. Kerrie holds a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management from Whitworth University and a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University. She has received specialized training in managing diverse and difficult projects and teams, and resolving conflict from the Center for Organizational Reform and Project Management Institute.

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