Compliance Implementation

Imagine applying the combined expertise of industry recognized compliance managers, NERC trained compliance auditors, and highly respected compliance implementation experts in filling the gaps or assisting in the development and implementation of your entire compliance program!  We understand what it takes to achieve compliance that can be measured, maintained, and sustained.  Our decades of combined experience in electric operations and NERC compliance enable us to transform your current day operations protocols into provable compliance documents. 

Will there be adjustments to make?  Absolutely, and we are prepared to assist your subject matter experts in making the transition as smooth as possible.  Having previously worked in many of your employee’s roles, we identify with their concerns and can minimize the negative view often depicting consultants as people trying to change how they have been successfully doing their work for years.  Our goal is to implement successful documentation and provide training that will enhance a culture of compliance without “over-rocking” the boat.  We make no false claims that change is easy or seamless. We do, however, have a history of successful implementation work. 

What does the Proven Compliance Solutions Compliance Program Implementation look like? 

The process begins with NERC trained compliance auditors and expert compliance managers reviewing your current program and supporting documentation.  The output of the review or “gap analysis” is a detailed report which will provide direction aimed at achieving compliance and delivering a positive message of your companies’ “Culture of Compliance.”  The resulting amount of internal development and external development is your choice.  Our ultimate goal is to leverage the strengths and experience of our organization to assist your personnel with sustainable business practices that will ensure ongoing compliance activities.  Throughout the process we are capable of providing everything from development of the compliance documentation (policies, processes, and procedures) to implementation and training of personnel.


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